Never Back Down 2 (2011)

Never Back Down 2 (2011)

Four fighters different backgrounds come together to train under an ex MMA rising star and then ultimately have to fight each other and the traitor in their midst.

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By: nychael on 2011-08-27


By: N8iveAggie on 2011-08-27

great movie

By: macky on 2011-08-27

this movie was good but not as good as the first...props to that

By: tattedgirl on 2011-08-27

good movie

By: Me on 2011-08-28

cant wait to see it

By: jbrenah on 2011-08-28


By: jum on 2011-08-28

i like it

By: jojo on 2011-08-28

i love this movie

By: mund on 2011-08-28

nice movie ^^

By: SHANNONDUUHH on 2011-08-28

this is such a good movie it has lots of action andd its really intense

By: jordan burton on 2011-08-28

awsome film

By: breebree 101 on 2011-08-29

this movie is fucking awesome!!!

By: chonli on 2011-08-29

great fight

By: louis on 2011-09-05

da a nice movie

By: noel on 2011-09-14