I Am Number Four (2011)

I Am Number Four (2011)

John is an extraordinary teen, masking his true identity and passing as a typical high school student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Three like him have already been killed ... he is Number Four.

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By: Tifferr Ann Bedard-Riley on 2011-03-01

i hope this is worth the wait!!

By: RedCloud on 2011-03-01

nice movie

By: mattttttwwwweeeau on 2011-03-01

awesome :D

By: boom boom shett on 2011-03-01

come on go and read ya books

By: yajnayr on 2011-03-01

nice but its just a clear copy...

By: michi2010 on 2011-03-01

OMG!!!!!!! 1st! Lmao this movie is awesome!!!!!!! :D

By: Frosty on 2011-03-01

number 1 awesome

By: Frank on 2011-03-01

Nice movie!

By: Frank on 2011-03-01

Nice movie!

By: tone on 2011-03-01

hope its good

By: CrazyKid494 on 2011-03-01

Such a Good Movie!!

By: p on 2011-03-01

this movie was good

By: michi2010 on 2011-03-01

OmD!!! Wat a good movie :D

By: heath on 2011-03-01

hope it's a good flick

By: Morgan on 2011-03-01

great movie #1

By: mirko on 2011-03-01

So excited to watch this!

By: maddog on 2011-03-01

awesome movie

By: maddog on 2011-03-01

awesome movie

By: nya on 2011-03-01

alex pettyfer is amazinggg !

By: Goddy on 2011-03-01

Amazing, supreme, ridiculously good movie! :)

By: wow on 2011-03-01

wowow its great awesome

By: Blew on 2011-03-01

GREAT MOVIE! Ohh ohh ohhh, ohh ohh ohh AWSOME!

By: choii on 2011-03-02

i love it! FTW!

By: bibaox on 2011-03-02


By: johnu2cc on 2011-03-02

part two. hehehehe great movie

By: IAmNumber 4 on 2011-03-02

The best movie!! Omg iawesome

By: toto on 2011-03-03

damm this movie is hot like realy hot and not any ordernary hot like spicy hot like got damm hot like totaly wicked hot

By: juston bieber on 2011-03-03

man i never got to watch this movie and this is my firdtvtime hope it's good :D

By: justin bieber on 2011-03-03

this is my first time watching might awsell be
good. :D

By: ♥azuma on 2011-03-03

Awesome movie...worthy to watch:)love it...hope there will be I AM # 4 2!

By: abby on 2011-03-03

im new here.,the movie is so nice.,im hoping for part2

By: aldrin2894 on 2011-03-04

wow !!! i want his hand XD ...

By: Foopsz on 2011-03-05

Great Movie Its a Must See

By: broken butterfly on 2011-03-05

cant wait to see this movie so tempted to watch on here but i know its going to be good so im gona watch at movies
counting down the days ;p

By: fingers crossed on 2011-03-05

the trailer of this movie reminds me of twilight.
fingers cross that they can act.

By: jenny on 2011-03-05

nice movie. the actor is so handsome. hope they will come up with a prettier partner lol

By: aldrin2894 on 2011-03-05

omq iitz waz qood

By: Cam on 2011-03-06

Can't stop looking at this movie

By: amy-donnakin on 2011-03-06

ooooommmmggg alex pettyfer is ssoooo SEXY!!!!

By: Nadss on 2011-03-06

Wow , this movie was so amazing (:
I hope there's a part 2 !

By: angelito#111 on 2011-03-07

all i can say is that it was a good movie lol=)

By: wapak on 2011-03-07

hope is good...

By: levi on 2011-03-09


By: levi on 2011-03-09


By: yewin on 2011-03-09

best movie ever!

By: hanacrizantemum on 2011-03-10

WOW this movie is awesome regardless of the video quality!!! Hope there's a sequel! I'm excited to see the others!

By: hanacrizantemum on 2011-03-10


By: roy on 2011-03-12

i hope the video quality is good!!

By: daniella on 2011-03-13

I haven't watched it on here but I saw it at the cinema and it was so so so so so so so so so so good I actually loved it! But I don't know whether I should watch it on here because I don't want the quality to ruin it. Comments?

By: kimmi on 2011-03-13

I WATCHED THE PRIMERE AND I LURVVVVVVVVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: camronL on 2011-03-15

loved this movie

By: Alatriste on 2011-03-15


By: ronnie on 2011-03-16

hope it works..

By: BlackOP on 2011-03-17



By: dee on 2011-03-18

thats was a fire movie

By: zildjan147 on 2011-03-19


By: javonta1234 on 2011-03-19

i like this icon

By: makisig on 2011-03-19

i love dis movie da bst

By: shigeno on 2011-03-20


By: diannelover on 2011-03-22

great film dont like the ending i wonted sarah to go with them

By: Amazing123 on 2011-03-23

wow goood film hope there's a second one coming out!!

By: 691 weno on 2011-03-24

love dis movie;)

By: hellboy on 2011-03-24


By: HLDL on 2011-03-27

i love this movie!! people are saying its like twilight but i find this is so much better than twilight!...just sayin! i hope they make a sequell and mabe even a third instalement if the story continues to go well! But they need to go back for Sarah while they are finding the others! it wouldn't be the same without that storyline. i never read the book so i don't know if there is a sequel to the vel or not. could someone let me know? thanks.

By: gaslaw on 2011-04-03

nice movie!!!

By: nelson on 2011-04-04


By: kennn on 2011-04-07


By: junkie on 2011-04-08

no movie will play for me wth.. talking about i need some direct or something.. any help?

By: King on 2011-04-08

Nice.. site but i can't watch a movie either error occured or it is just becoz of my slow connection.. GLOBE ISP sux!.. don't ever try to have an internet connection of globe!.. lucky me.. i only have 1 month to go for disconnecting!..

By: iamno.69 on 2011-04-09

nice nice nice i cant wait for part 2 of this film

By: King on 2011-04-14

theres a part 2..great i havent even got to see part 1!!

By: dw333 on 2011-04-14

how do u download it it keeps telling me to dl the toolbar?

By: f***thatsawesome on 2011-04-19

that is the beat movie ever...it is really awesome.....I have a crush on that hot b*t*h.....

By: lily bosque on 2011-05-02

i would really want to view this movie!...

By: lolly on 2011-12-27

nice love it