Karate Kid 3, The

Karate Kid 3, The

A bad guy from KK1 attempts to gain revenge on Daniel and Miyagi, with the aid of an old army buddy. ~imdb

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By: jocy on 2009-04-20

i still have to watch it.

By: laila on 2009-09-29

watch to learn more...

By: freshboy on 2009-10-31

i love this movie

By: joemctower on 2009-11-16


By: just on 2010-02-20

the new karate kid is going to kick aaaaaaaaasssssss

By: kent on 2010-03-03

the new karate kid is showing on june jakie chan and jaden smith

By: carlo on 2010-03-07

i havnt watched this movie in years i think i watched this movie like maybe 5 years ago. the reasn why im watching it again is cuz they re making a new one with jackie chan and with will smith's kid

By: allen on 2010-06-07


By: liz on 2010-07-16

i love karate kid it is the best movie ever for kids

By: malds on 2010-09-01

nice movie

By: CARL on 2011-06-14