Welcome to the sexually degenerate world of the Cockface Killer, an ominous being with the sole purpose of obstructing perversion. The hero of our tale, Mark (Rick Kauffman of the Poots), works by day as a lowly clerk at an adult video store, and spends his inebriated evenings with his loving girlfriend Stacy. After one such night of intimacy is prematurely disrupted by the Cockface Killer, Mark embarks on a crusade to destroy Cockface and make the city safe for his perverted social circle. With the police force in denial of the Cockface Killer's existence, Mark's mission is only complicated further by an all female gang known as the CLAM, a violent organization bent on the domination and subjugation of all men-kind. Luckily for Mark, the Homicide Squad stays drunk, the CLAM are preoccupied with ass raping men, and Cockface happens to be mentally retarded. Mark thus saves the day in the only way he knows how - by simply sitting back, smoking a bowl, and allowing the bad guys to settle their differences in blood.

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By: geo on 2009-07-25

funny pervert movie lol