Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

A group of reality show contestants find themselves fighting for their survival against a family of hideously deformed inbred cannibals who plan to ruthlessly butcher them all.

Source 1 (Putlocker) - Watch
Source 2 (Sockshare) - Watch


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By: den on 2008-06-17


By: jam on 2008-11-13

fucking scary!!

By: cookie-starr on 2008-11-30

disgusting lood everwhere ewwwwww gross but insteresting and scary

By: ptyy on 2009-01-03

nice movie

By: babecakes on 2009-01-07

i thought it was so good that i would watch it over and over again

By: gangster on 2009-05-04

dannnnnnn that movie is scary it was scary at the last part

By: jona on 2009-05-19


favorite q tlaga 2ng movie n2!!



By: evie on 2009-07-19

grabe!!! kakatakot!!!
gross nga lang!!!
but i love it!!!

By: evie on 2009-07-19

nood kayo nito!!! aheks!!

super!! my twist na bongga!!!

By: pong n jen on 2009-08-03

sobrang ganda lalo na nung kinakain nila mismo ung sarili nilang kasamaan .tsarap

By: heyy on 2009-11-20

this was scaryyyy i watched it over n over again to lol loved this movie!!!!!

By: phoebe on 2010-03-05

nice movie

By: phoebe on 2010-03-05

i want to this movie now

By: Cole on 2010-04-05

i watched the whole movie and it had gore but that wasnt scary at all

By: U suck on 2010-06-29


By: leanne on 2010-07-13

thats so horrible. good film, but gna be having night mares tonight!

By: that ok because its good on 2010-09-02

good movie

By: horrorwhore on 2010-10-28

hmmmm i liked it but i think it coulda been a bit scarier the kill scenes were to quick not like in the first one

By: bbs_hater on 2011-01-15

ahaha ganda

By: MRYH0ZH0 (marl0n manalo) on 2012-10-07

Nakakatacute naman